6 September 2010

Valley of Awakening!

Another speedpaint. Bleh! Not fond of this one but dont want to waste more time on it. I promise some decent stuff soon! Ive been too concerned with speed speed speed that Im not even thinking carefully enough about what Im doing. Sometimes Photoshop can be a hinderance because there is all these fancy tricks and 'shortcuts' but feck it! They've been distracting me for quite a while and I want to get back to painting things properly rather than think "speedpaint... OK just put a load of random tricks on the page and something will happen." That works too but for me at this moment, its luring me into a trap that that makes me skip steps I am not yet comfortable to do so. So Ive had a bit of an awakening! I'll try deliver some quality next time round.
I have also been doing a few anatomy studies in my new sketchbook. Anatomy is something I really cant avoid anymore :P Got to drill this into my brain haha.
I keep thinking back to this 4 year plan I have set myself. There are a few top top artists from conceptart.org and I feel a lot of encouragement looking through their sketchbook threads where you can see their drawings from the beginning of their art journey to what mastery they can produce now. Some took 3 years to go from zero to hero, some 2 and some 4 years. Come to think I have been painting digitally for 4 years myself. So my plan is to make the similar advancements to those inspiring artists in 4 years. But its not just a matter of sitting and waiting for 4 years, its what you do in that time (some people have told me before that they will be great with Photoshop in 10 years time and then never touch digital painting). My thought on improving art is similar to the Rosseta Stone way of learning language, you surround yourself with art and think about it a lot as well as practice. Being on forums, reading critiques, observing other artwork and observing life all feeds your art brains with ideas that directly goes into your practice. Anyway, I just thought Id post my plan out there so I cant hide away and be lazy because you all know this goal now! :D

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