22 September 2010

Death Lolita

Heres the finished painting. My spin on the topic (gothic) is depicting characters dressed in the Japanese 'gothic lolita' fashion in a dark atmosphere. maybe the characters are vampires?!? I dont know if the light floor works but my idea behind it was a slight symbolism to the afterlife where the lil dead girl will be spending her future and it contrasts the dark values above which is there to add the grim foreboding feel. Some areas here are loose so I might even repaint them as Ive sometimes been doing.

EDIT: OK so I did try repainting it straight away! Bah! Something is bugging me so I'll leave it for now and return later with fresh eyes. I'll get working on something new to cleanse my mind.

EDIT: Oh yeah, just found out I'll be featured in Ballistic Publishing's Exotique 6 :D

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