22 September 2010


Woot! I'll be featuring in Ballistic Publishing Exotique 6 in the future. Here is a preview of the spread, Im on the far right. Many thanks to the kind people at Ballistic Publishing for selecting my work again :D! It is very nice of them to support me and to take the time to go through my recent work as well as dig through some of my old ones that were originally submitted to the Expose book.
Like I said before, a few years back (4 years or so ago) I was new to the whole digital painting scene and I picked up books featuring selections of them I couldn't imagine how I could paint something like the paintings I saw gracing those pages. Those memories are still fresh in my mind so to be here seeing my own work in these books is a strange feeling. I don't think it sank in quite yet but what it has given me is belief that you can reach your goals. Having checked your first goals, its time to set yourself new ones!
The Ballistic books are like the Salon gallery shows of today's digital art and I am honored to be a part of their next two anthologies and hope to go on to greater heights producing higher quality artwork for them to assess next time round :)


L ROSSI said...

Congrats Ben! You are indeed becoming Mr. Digital Painter! I think S Club 7, 'Reach', should be listened to when reading this post!;)

Ben Ho said...

S Club 7?!?!?!?!? I thought you had taste man :P

Harry said...

holy sheet you crack muffin. Dun it again!