15 August 2010

All In You Head

Another piece for the Chris Sanders competition. Hmmm... may may MAY try doing another one. I wasnt happy with the previous watercolour so I might try redeeming myself in that medium.
I feel Ive regained my working pattern. A while ago I felt pretty productive but then I went away on a few holidays and when I got back I found it was a bit trickier to get in the mood to do my own artwork. But slowly trying to do something each day no matter how small helped me to regain fitness! Once you get into the habit of it its not so daunting to pick up that pencil and draw anymore, it becomes instinctive and second nature :D
On another note, my colleague Bryn Williams has set up a blog to put his concept art in. Take a lookie!
Inspiration for the day: Ben Lo - Hey! Found a concept artist with a similar name to me! Had to take a look at his work! Now I feel humbled lol!


Callum Strachan said...

Really like this, composition and colour are beaut. Much prefer this visualisation of the idea than the watercolour.

Ibrahim Khan said...

Defo the best one out of the lot. LIKE IT.