28 August 2010

Sayonara - Satoshi Kon Tribute

A tribute to animation director Satoshi Kon who recently died of pancreatic cancer. I was a fan of his films Paprika, Toyko Godfathers and the film Perfect Blue is considered to be among the greatest of feature anime. However I has most moved by his final statement that he left behind and was published posthumously by his family on his blog. The English translated text can be found here. It is a overwhelming read knowing that these are the final words someone is leaving behind and its very admirable that even when close to his death he could be positive and sometimes humorous whilst reflecting on his life and was grateful for living in the world that he had come to love. Stories like these remind me to be grateful of everything around me that we take for granted. Its easy to forget about the little things that makes life wonderful. So this post is about being grateful :)

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