9 August 2010

Tips n Tricks #1: Channel Nudging

Hey all! I learned a new trick today from my friend Sukh and thought Id share it here. Then, thinking about it I thought I might make occasional posts about little tricks I find out or talk a bit about other useful things about art. So today's big idea is channel nudging!
Dunno if that is the official name for it but I'll run with that for now. Well the effect it creates is something that looks like an old 3d glasses filter. The process is simple... just go to the channels tab and select the colour rages (ctl+a) and use the arrow keys to offset (nudge) them a bit. Alternatively you could use a filter by going to the tool bar at the top and clicking Filter>Distort>LensCorrection and then play around with the Chromatic Aberration sliders. You can also use this filter to distort the image like I have done above by fiddling with the Transform sliders at the bottom of the pop-up screen. This might be helpful to get a slight feel for a low camera or a high one but push it too far and you can break the perspective altogether so its might be a bit limited. However it can act as a basis for you to paint over no?
Happy experimenting! ^_^

Future episodes: Alt linking tricks, sharpening and finishing, textures, stamp brush, granular sweeps, locking silhouettes, value checking, tonal stippling and other things I discover (if you have any requests or questions let me know and I'll try tackle them).

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