23 August 2010


Ive been feeling like playing a Zelda game lately but since I dont have my old games with me and the new one isnt out for a while I thought instead I'd try redesigning some of the characters from the series. I havent quite done a decent fan art of my favorite games franchise in a while and it is the series that got me most enthusiastic about games and subsequently got me drawing the characters. In my research diggings I found some non-canon mangas that Ive been reading. Check them out here.
Ganondorf is the main antagonist to Link and Zelda. He is the leader of the Gerudo people, a tribe of thieves that dwells in the desert west of Hyrule. Every hundred years a single male is born into the clan that consists entirely of women which by Gerudo law makes this male the king of the Gerudos. Ganondorf's desire is to possess the Triforce, the ruling power of the lands giving by the three goddesses which will change the world to match the heart of those who touch it. Upon touching the Triforce, it shattered into three segments and found its host in the individuals most suitable for their attributes: power, wisdom and courage. Ganondorf managed to retain the Triforce of Power and seeks the remaining shards to realize his ambitions in ruling the world.


Callum Strachan said...

nicely presented mr.Ben. All that reading up of design is paying off eh

Ben Ho said...

Dunno, its hard to say how the graphics stuff translate over to painting. They share some common ground with things like composition. Buuut I hardly do any graphic stuff anyway. I took a look into it but ultimately drawing and painting is my focus

Philip Barker said...

LINK!!! he come to town.. Come to save... teh princess Zelda!!!!