12 August 2010

Invoked Evil

A watercolour painting for a competition hosted by Bobby Chiu and Chris Sanders. This began life as a watercolour painting but underwent quite a lot of photoshopping. There were a few blunders involved with the traditional paints and I tried to salvage it by altering the colours and values digitally. The scans didn't turn out well either since the painting couldn't fit through my scanner which also added to the list of things to sort out digitally but I think in the end it turned out fairly well(ish). Let me know what you think, I dunno if I should touch this up some more (turn up the contrast or even turn it down to help it retain a bit of a traditional look).
Also planning to do another painting to accompany this. Maybe a digital version is in order.

Some inspirations: Chris Sanders himself - Nice stylized and cute characters and also director of some awe inspiring films such as 'How To Train Your Dragon' and 'Lilo and Stitch.'


SirOiLaS said...

Hey Ben! Just to say that it's really cool to see that you're posting almost everyday. Hope to be able to do the same in a couple of days from now.

Keep going Brother of Metal :D

Ben Ho said...

Go for it man! Lets rock and rolllllll!!!!!!! Into glory riiiide!!!!!