12 August 2010

Bendragon now in 3D!

Had some free time at work today and spent a while experimenting with the free 3d sculpting package, Sculptris (similar to Z-Brush but made very simple). I started this with the basic head template that comes with the program and then just pushed and pulled the virtual clay around for quite a while. It is very intuitive and also you can also paint on the 3d models in the program! I left the wireframe on some of the shots cause I kinda like the rimlight look it gets from it. Maybe more Sculptris work to come! Its a neat package that is great for people like me who are frightened off by the complexity of Maya but would like to be able model things. Checkout SketchUp for another easy to use 3d package. I also want to show you a program called Al.Chemy too. We've been using it in the studio a fair bit in our work and I thought Id do something with it and talk about how I use it in concept art so thats something to expect in the future.
Lastly, something pretty old. I did a few anatomy studies off photos and referenced off a sequential album and put the drawings together in an animated gif (you need to click the image for it to work).

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