8 August 2010

WIP: The Great King of Evil

Work in progress. Can anyone guess who this is a redesign of?
Ive been meaning to do some fan art/ redesigns of my favorite game franchise for a while. So why not start now? Ive use a few new techniques for this one. Sometimes I think I labor too much into a painting and so have been meaning to try a different approach. So Ive been trying to adapt a bit of a colleague's technique and mask off the silhouette so that I can paint freely and quickly whilst still keeping control of the shapes. I ditched the opacity round brush for most of this (cause it forces me to get into details and I get carried away) and taken up a solid opacity round brush with size pressure (with opacity constantly on 60%). Also used layer blending options to alter colour and add lighter values (coupled with radial gradient to get that spherical fade off). Stay tuned for more.


Anders Furevik said...

you should do him in his beast form too 8)

Ben Ho said...

Planning to ;) Im thinking of doing a number of redesigns of the characters from the universe. This one is still unfinished. Been distracted by many other things, recently the Chris Sanders competition :)