29 August 2010

High Ground

So often when you keep going through doubt and struggle that you will eventually find the breakthrough. Lately Ive been trying to push myself more to get better and I collected a load of fantastic artwork to surround myself with so I can keep checking what my goal is by just glancing over these artwork. As expected it was pretty overwhelming to see how much I needed to learn but I feel like something is clicking in a bit now. Its one more step to being the best artist you can be!
Self Crit: Can tighten up some edges (some blurred areas). Haze can be generated with more thought rather than just use a soft brush across the place.
Some inspirations for the day: Darren Yeow is a talented artist and he shares the story of his journey in the link provided. A very inspiring story I thought!
A colleague kept spamming artist sites at me and they have been leaving me absolutely floored:
Paul Lasaine, Paul Felix, and Robh Ruppel

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