7 August 2010

Princess Mononoke

Done for a competition hosted by Bobby Chiu and Pixar's Dice Tsutsumi! Had fun with this one, some of the challenges was in getting the poses down and render the lighting. Ive still got some way to go with both these aspects but every painting is another step in the right direction! So onwards to more painting!
Lately I have been really enjoying my work a lot more. I think it finally sunk in that Im in a games studio doing what I love as a profession. I really enjoy working with other artists here and have our discussions on arty topics. Collaborating within a team is also great fun when we bounce ideas about and be involved in other areas other than concept art too. I am delighted that we are sharing ideas and encouraging one another and everyone getting excited together. I actually cant wait to go back to work on Monday :P
In other news... My friend and colleague Martin Johnson has released his new website here. Check it out. He is a great artist to have in our team. He has been feeding me anatomy knowledge for some time which is why you saw my recent updates with anatomy studies. I probably wont upload much more of them since they are kinda boring to look at. I dont want to fill the place with the same stuff :P So there should be some more interesting things to look at in the coming updates!

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